Social responsibility

ISKUR Group Policy of Social Responsibility
• To carry out all our transactions with ethical framework and responsibility consciousness
• To respect the rights of all individuals
• Be sensitive to the environment

Child Labour
ISKUR group does not use child labour and is not welcomed to do so. The term "child" includes individuals under age 15 (age 14 according to some local laws), determined by local laws for working or required to complete compulsory education if it is higher.ISKUR Group, which recruits young people who do not include the definition of "children", will obey all laws and regulations required for this personnel.

Involuntary Servitude
ISKUR Group is not employed convicted, convicted, contracted or otherwise any person, either forcibly or unintentionally, and is not welcomed to do so.

ISKUR group does not discriminate religion, age, nationality, social or ethnic origin, gender, political opinion or gender during recruitment and employment, including the situations of salary, benefits, promotion, discipline, termination or retirement.

Health and Safety
ISKUR Group provides its employees (a) reasonable access to potable water and sanitary possibilities, (b) reasonable access to proper and adequate fire safety precautions and possibilities and (c) reasonable access to proper and adequate illumination and ventilation possibilities with a healthy and safe business environment in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

ISKUR Group complies with all salary and working hours laws including minimum wages, overtime, maximum working hours, piece rates and laws related to salaries, and gives rights acquired under legal framework. ISKUR Group charges overtimes with the normal hourly rate at least according to the minimum charging prescription set by the law, or if there is no law about overtime. We encourage suppliers to defray the high standards if local industry standards are above legal requirements.

Environmental Protection
ISKUR Group will comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations and will arrange its work to protect and be respectful the environment.

Ismail Kurtul Health Center

Ismail KURTUL Health Centre laid the base by Iskur group in 2006 was brought to medical service by being transferred to Local Health Authority in 2008.Ismail KURTUL Health Centre built as 2 immediate treatment rooms,6 examination rooms,1 doctor's room,1 nurse's room and 1 servant's room.

Sutcu Imam University Faculty of Theology

Kahramanmaras Sutcu Imam University, construction of which was started in 2012 and was completed in 2015, has taken its place among the most beautiful faculties of the university with its historical architecture and modern structure.

Faculty involves the library, canteen, registrar's office, archives, small mosque of men-women and prelectors rooms are on the ground floor and classrooms, seminar rooms, deans, dean assistant, secretary and prelectors rooms are on the other floors.

Ismail Kurtul Primary School

For Iskur Group, success is the development of society both economically and socially. On the one hand, the institutional culture, which foresees more investment for employment, on the other hand with the social responsibility projects with special importance, it was started to be built in 2007 and was brought to the school year in 2011 being on the point of transferring Ismail Kurtul Primary School and Makbule Hatun Kindergarten to ministry of national education by ceo A.Kadir Kurtul for growing of young generation by taking education in buildings designed more modern to society,our country and city with the latest products of technology.

Ismail KURTUL Primary School consists of 750-student capacity, 28 classrooms, dining hall, cafeteria, modern experiment laboratory, music room and sports facilities.